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Early Model Particle Accelerator Corporation is a non-profit for science company whose goal is to put the Atom Smasher , Worlds first Industrial Particle Accelerator, in refurbishment to be used again for real science and to educate those who are interested in Particle Physics. The Bulb is a 10 Mev Particle Accelerator that features a Van de Graaff Electrostatic Generator that is used to accelerate the Particles to near the speed of light to collide with another particle, the result is a new particle and energy. This is a fantastic way to teach High School, College, and University Students and Professors practicle application of Particle Physics. The bulb's new location will have substantial facilities for example, A lab and IT facilities to examine the results of experiments. A theatre for larger audience explaining the Bulb and its various results of science. A film lab, a classroom, a dining / hall facility and kitchen for various planned events. A multi unit dwelling for scientists from around the country and world to stay while they conduct experiments. Executive offices and various offices for management staff and scientists. With these facilities in place and the Bulb refurbished, education can be very exciting.